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We are a Chicago-based coaching company passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations achieve transformational change.
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Kristin Baker Coaching works with a wide range of clients in all industries, in an individual or group setting, to establish, develop, and achieve personal goals. 100% of Kristin’s clients experience an improvement in their lives as a result to working with a highly trained, inspirational, and motivational coach.  


Stop waiting for a change to occur in your life; we can waste a lot of time waiting for a divine inspiration to encourage a change within us. You have the power to take charge of your life today and turn your dreams into your life. 

“Be proactive in pursuing your dreams and the lifestyle that you want, and, most importantly, deserve.” Kristin Baker


The Process: After the initial contact, Kristin, with you, will determine a schedule for at least a three month commitment where you will meet or communicate three times a month. You will fill out intake forms, discuss your objectives, and receive information that describes the coaching process. You and Kristin will comfortably talk about what led you to work with a coach, then pinpoint your deep desires, explore tangible options to reach your objectives, and design a plan to accomplish it.  
Why can’t you simply establish your own goals and develop a plan to accomplish them? Accountability to an experienced coach keeps you motivated and responsible while receiving the ultimate support and positive reinforcement along the way. Coaching is a collaborative relationship- you are not in this alone. Kristin has the tools, resources, and strategies to help you achieve your personal goals and improve your life. 
Every success, no matter how little, provides a foundation for the next step. Success, however you or society defines it, is not reserved for a select few. It is available to us all.

Kristin Baker 
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Kristin Baker
 Kristin Baker
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   - B.A. Boston University
   - M.A. University of the Rockies
   - Master Practitioner - Neuro- 
   - Linguistic Programming - Global 
   - Certified Life Coach
   - Certified Emotional Intelligence
   - Certified Weight Loss Coach
   - Certified Motivational Coach
   - Certified (NLP) Coaching

Kristin serves individual clients and works on group training in the following areas: career, life, organizational, and executive coaching. Though many of Kristin’s clients come from all areas of Illinois, geography does not preclude working with her; her national and international clients benefit just as much from her coaching services as clients she meets face-to-face. Coaching sessions may be conducted in person or through phone and email sessions at your convenience.  
Kristin’s clear passion for her clients’ success is evident in your first conversation with her, where she instills the utmost enthusiasm in you, sparking ambition that you may have never thought you had. Kristin previously worked as a paralegal for 26 years and has her Masters in Psychology in addition to her certification in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) coaching training, a study of how the mind processes language.  
“I do believe in the greatness of everyone. I won’t give up on someone.” Kristin Baker 

Career Coaching
 Professional Career Coaching

Are you happy in your career but something is missing? Do you want a job with more satisfaction and challenges? Are you ready for a radical career change but are too scared to make the jump or simply do not know where to start? 

Stop waiting for the “right time” to make a career change- the right time is now. Kristin Baker Coaching helps you face challenging issues and find the best resolution, helping you break the obstacles between you and a successful, happy career. Kristin will empower you and find real ways to change careers or strengthen your current position. Do not let yourself believe that you can’t have it all. Kristin will help you realize your highest potential and lead you to the life you deserve. 
Contact us to learn more about how our professional career coaching services can help you find and thrive in a career you love. 
 Executive Coaching 

Execute life coach Kristin Baker helps executives, business owners, managers, and career professional in all fields tap into their strongest points, find ultimate clarity, perform at their full potential, and feel inspired and confident. You will learn to love your business again and work effectively towards job fulfillment and overall life improvement. It’s time to take the stress out of your job, learn to balance personal and work life, boost your corporate culture, and stop settling.  
Contact us to learn more about how our executive career coaching services can help you find and thrive in a career you love. 

 College Career Coaching 

If you are in college, you know the pressure of having to choose a major that will lead you to the right career. At this point in your life, choosing a career path is the most significant decision you can make and will impact the rest of your future. You should not take this decision lightly, and you do not have to take on that incredible responsibility on your own; working with Kristin Baker Coaching allows you to explore options clearly and in a stress-free environment. Kristin will tap into your true desires and discuss your ultimate objectives not only for a career, but for your life. You may be exposed to options you never even knew existed or thought possible. 
Contact us to learn more about how our college career coaching services can help you find and thrive in a career you love. 

 High School Career Coaching 

As junior and senior years approach in high school, students are faced with the pressure and stress of applying to colleges and considering programs to study. Often, students must know a specific college to apply to within a university; but how are students expected to know their careers in high school? It’s never too early to start exploring your options and identifying clear objectives you want in your life. 
Working with Kristin Baker Coaching allows students the opportunity to have individualized attention from a professional coach to explore interests, talents, and desires to start identifying the best career options that fit the individual. Help your child get on the right track to a happy, fulfilling, and successful future today. 
Contact us to learn more about how our high school career coaching services can help you find and thrive in a career you love. 
Life Coaching
 Life Coaching
Kristin Baker specializes in life coaching for personal and professional transformations and empowerment. So who are you? Are you a doctor, musician, or single parent? Are you a high-powered executive, teacher, or entrepreneur? No matter who you are or where you come from, you are looking to make your life better- and guess what? You can. Working with professional life coach Kristin Baker means turning your aspirations into a reality and making obstacles a thing of the past. No matter what stage you are in your life, Kristin will help you determine what is most important to you, works with you to design a plan, supports you through challenges that arise, and celebrates your accomplishments with you. 
Contact us to learn more about how our life coaching services can help you find and thrive in a career you love. 

Organizational Coachicng
 Organizational Coaching 

When things in your life are literally a cluttered mess, you often feel completely out of control, unable to accomplish your goals. Working with the organizational coach Kristin Baker means getting your life on track and transforming into a more efficient ‘you’ through organization. Kristin will teach you organizational skills and how to prioritize as well as supporting you as you de-clutter your life and get back on track. 
Contact us to learn more about how our organizational career coaching services can help you find and thrive in a career you love. 

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