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"Meeting Kristin is at first impression like meeting a walking shot in the arm of pure motivation and enthusiasm. She double dares you to think differently than you had before you met her for the first time. Kristin challenges you to no longer ignore that little voice inside of you that is trying to point you in the right direction that’s aiming you toward your real dreams and ambitions. My encounters with her since we met back in the fall, reaffirms within me, that if you surround yourself with positive people, positive things will occur for you. And at the top of that list of positive folks is none other than Kristin VanKampen. She will inspire you and delight you with her unique insights on how to set a goal, get a goal and live the goal. Easy to talk to and relate to, you will find a friend and a great life coach in Kristin VanKampen". 

Donald Pointer 
Donald Pointer Photography 

"Can you dream of a better life? Do you have a spark within you that believes you can be more - have more -achieve more? That is all it takes. I am proof of that. I was living a very ordinary life. I had a pink collar job, a generic education and dreams. I wanted an Ivy League education. I wanted a job that provided excitement and public service. I wanted to practice in the healing arts. Thanks to the amazing life coaching of Kristin Baker – DONE, DONE AND DONE! In the process, I have increased my earnings exponentially. I cannot tell you that Kris waves a magic wand and makes it all happen – because the magic is in YOU. It’s in all of us. Because of the practices I learned from Kris, I am very close to a Master’s Degree from a very prominent university; I have a better position for my career; a second job as a first-responder; and I have a license to practice massage (as well as my own massage studio). I also no longer have to live paycheck to paycheck. Neither do you. Life Coaching with Kristin Baker is not a “get rich quick” scheme by any means. It is guidance, instruction, practice and execution in making your dreams come true. I cannot recommend Kristin Baker enough. Thank you, Kris, for the incredible transformation in my life!"
Liz, Chicago, Illinois

Kristin Van Kampen came into our training sessions on a day that was particularly challenging for the room to stay connected. Her natural, positive energy, her engaged, interactive participant approach, and her gentle means of holding accountability in the room, allowed Kristin to mold what was a training session gone dormant, and brought it back into a state of connectedness, and focus. 
Her message of being engaged with our environment and those in it by committing to awareness, and healthy styles of communication, and offering us access to some easily attainable but sometimes ignored tools of communicating, brought home a message that would have easily been tuned out, if not for her personalized means of sharing. 
Our team was given an engaged lifestyle message that was tailored for the work environment via a refreshing approach. 
Thank you, Kristin...
Brian Duffy