Kristin Baker
We are a Chicago-based coaching company passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations achieve transformational change.
Kristin Baker Coaching works with a wide range of clients in all industries, in an individual or group setting, to establish, develop, and achieve personal goals. 100% of Kristin’s clients experience an improvement in their lives as a result to working with a highly trained, inspirational, and motivational coach.  
Stop waiting for a change to occur in your life; we can waste a lot of time waiting for a divine inspiration to encourage a change within us. You have the power to take charge of your life today and turn your dreams into your life. 

“Be proactive in pursuing your dreams and the lifestyle that you want, and, most importantly, deserve.” Kristin Baker

 The Process: 

After the initial contact, Kristin, with you, will determine a schedule for at least a three month commitment where you will meet or communicate three times a month. You will fill out intake forms, discuss your objectives, and receive information that describes the coaching process. You and Kristin will comfortably talk about what led you to work with a coach, then pinpoint your deep desires, explore tangible options to reach your objectives, and design a plan to accomplish it.  
Why can’t you simply establish your own goals and develop a plan to accomplish them? Accountability to an experienced coach keeps you motivated and responsible while receiving the ultimate support and positive reinforcement along the way. Coaching is a collaborative relationship- you are not in this alone. Kristin has the tools, resources, and strategies to help you achieve your personal goals and improve your life. 
Every success, no matter how little, provides a foundation for the next step. Success, however you or society defines it, is not reserved for a select few. It is available to us all.” Kristin Baker